Bar Chart Race Plugin for After Effects

Animated Graph and Charts Templates for Premiere Pro and After Effects

Are you a Video Editor or a Motion Designer using Premiere or After Effects? Do you need to create some great animated infographics for you or your clients? It is not easy to create a compelling animation with bars, charts, numbers, labels.. it often requires the knowledge of expressions and scripting, beyond the principles of animation.

… Then Watch the PROMO video here:

We Have Created an Infographic Template Bundle for Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects, so that you can focus on the content and leave to us the tedious set up of the animation.

With our infographics templates, you will have just to import them in After Effects or in Premiere Pro and use all the graphs and charts. They are highly configurable. You can have up to 8 different values to represent, customising colors, labels, roundness, width, values, backgrounds.

All of them have a great INTRO and OUTRO graph animation, ready for you.

There is a Bar Chart Template, a donut Chart template, a half donut chart template, a radial chart template and an infographic with a configurable number of persons.

You will be able to animate each chart, using the essential properties and obtain great results similar to the ones in the demo video!

Looking forward to be working with you!!